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Photo courtesy of Kerri Harter



Vintage Racing

Vintage Classes

  1. Youth 0-650cc Air or Fan Cooled 1990 & Older
  2. 0 – 800cc Fan Cool or Free Air 1990 & Older
  3. 0 – 440cc Liquid Cooled Stock Motor and Exhaust 1990 & Older
  4. 441 – 650cc Liquid Cooled Stock Motor & Exhaust 1990 & Older
  5. Open Mod: Any motor, any modification, any sled 1990 & Older
  6. Open Mod OVAL: Any motor, any modification, any sled 1990 & Older

Basic Rules

  • Classes (1) & (3) Stock motor, Stock, exhaust, change rear suspension, motors may be a different brand
  • Classes (2), (5), & (6) may modify the motor, exhaust, run pipes, change rear suspension, motors may be a different brand.
  • Class (4) for the Polaris Indy 500 may run the Hooper Silencer Kit.
  • Class (5) may run an oval lap in order to determine winner.
  • Class (6) will run as an oval class.
  • All sleds can upgrade clutching, jetting, and gearing.
  • Suspensions can be raised or lowered.
  • Front suspensions if IFS must remain IFS. On non IFS you may mount the ski to spindle and remove the leaf spring
  • All sleds must have a belt guard, hood and brakes.
  • All sleds must have a functioning Tether Switch and Tether.
  • A standard RUBBER snowmobile track is required.
  • No cleated tracks or studs allowed.


Drivers must wear a helmet that is Snell certified and a vest type life jacket.


  • Snowmobiles must be inspected by Race Official or Tech Official before it is allowed to be used or raced.
  • Snowmobiles will be checked for properly operating tether switch, brake, sharp edges, belt guard, retrieval rope, and buoy.

Other Information

  • Trophies for 1st – 3rd in each class
  • Must have a fire extinguisher in the “Pit Area” with each crew
  • No registration fees for competing in the Vintage Race
  • Drivers & pit crew must purchase a “weekend” wristband
  • Parking is limited, you must unload your sleds and park your vehicle and trailer outside the pit area
  • You must sign a waiver to race.
  • No alcohol or drug use permitted by any racer or pit crew before or during the race.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Tim Wood at vintageracing@grantsburgwatercross.com