Camping - General Information

CAMPING REGISTRATION IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! IF YOU DID NOT HAVE THE SITE IN 2019 PLEASE DO NOT BOOK IT UNTIL THIS MESSAGE HAS CHANGED. Watercross camping registration will open AFTER June 7th for new campers. Emails have been sent to returning campers. If you have not received one please email the camping director.

If you reserved your site online for last year, or provided your email when you paid for your site in Grantsburg during the event, you will receive an email when registration opens. Returning campers are able to reserve their sites from the previous year before registration becomes open to the public.

If you are a new camper for our next event, sites become available late spring for anyone to reserve.

Any questions about camping, updated email addresses, or requests to be notified when registration begins, should be emailed to

Please click HERE for more camping information - campgrounds, site sizes, etc.

A few details: 

  • Prices range from $120 to $230 for the weekend. The reservation price is the same regardless of how many nights you camp
  • You may come as early as Thursday morning (noon) and can stay until Monday (10am check-out deadline)
  • Please leave Fido at home - we have a "no pet" policy in the campgrounds
  • All campers must purchase weekend wristbands for the event
  • Please review all rules before you camp


We have two campgrounds for our Watercross attendees: one campground is within the event site at the Memory Lake Campground and another is a short distance away at the local Fairgrounds. Campers that used a site the previous year are able to reserve their site again as long as they do so by the deadline. Reservations open to the public in June.

Please click HERE for more camping information.

Questions? Email