Camping and Vendors Terms & Conditions

Grantsburg Watercross Camping

Campgrounds open: Thursday prior to the event at noon. Early arrivals will not be allowed.
Campgrounds close: Monday after the event at 10:00 am. (Event staff and security are on hand only until the end of the event Sunday, but campers may stay Sunday night.)

Memory Lake Campground in Downtown Grantsburg

**CHANGE** Alcohol policy for camping within the event (Memory Lake & North Side Campsites)

Campers will not be allowed to bring beer or wine coolers through the gates into the event site. Beer & wine coolers will be for sale by the can within the Event Site on Olson Drive. There will be a new fence to clearly separate the event site and the camping area.

There are two areas within the Memory Lake Campground . . .

  • Memory-Lake-Side Sites (ML): 38 full hook-up RV, Motor home or camper sites and 62 tent/small trailer sites on the south-west side of Memory Lake. Shower in the bath house & porta-potties nearby. Quiet time is at 1:00 am. Check-in gate is at Olson Drive and Russell Street.
  • North Side Sites:
    • Park Street (PS): 20 non-electric RV, motor home, or camper sites on the north side of Memory Lake, right along Park Street. Quiet time is at 1:00 am. Shower facilities in the Memory Lake bath house & porta-potties nearby. Check-in gate is at West Jackson Street and North Park Street.
    • Regular & River Sites (R): 45 non-electric tent & small trailer sites north of the main Memory Lake campground (trailer, tent, and river-side sites). Quiet time is at 1:00 am. Shower facilities in the Memory Lake bath house & porta-potties nearby. Check-in gate is at West Jackson Street and North Park Street.

Fairgrounds Camping – 8 blocks from Event Site

Campground is eight blocks away with free shuttle bus

Fairgrounds (FG): Features 21 electric RV, motor home, camper sites and 110 non-electric tent or RV, motor home, camper sites.

A free shuttle bus runs about every 30 minutes from the event to the campground from early morning until after bar time. There is a family area with a quiet time at 10:00 pm; otherwise quiet time is at 1:00 a.m. Shower facilities are located in the fairgrounds building & porta-potties are nearby. Check-in gate is ¼ mile south of the stop light intersection of Highway 70 & Highway 48-87. The Fair Board members sell a breakfast on Saturday and Sunday in the Fair Building.

Fairgrounds campers: You may not bring beverages over to the event site. Carry-on coolers with beer/alcohol/soda are not allowed in the spectator area. Empty coolers with ice are allowed. Formula/milk for infants or young children is accepted.

***Camping prices are based on the event, not a nightly fee***

Camping Rules

1. Only one vehicle is allowed per campsite. A vehicle permit will be issued and it must be displayed on your vehicle’s mirror. Any additional vehicles will need to be parked on the streets or at the Fairgrounds.
2. Only one sleeping unit allowed per campsite. RV’s and motor homes are considered one vehicle and one sleeping unit; no additional vehicles will be allowed and no extra tents.
3. All campers must purchase a 3-day wristband at the gate and securely attach it to their wrist.
• Adult 3-day pass (ages 16 and over) ………………………………… $25
• Youth 3-day pass (ages 10-15)………………………………………..… $15
• Children ages 9 & under ……………………………………………..…… Free
4. Campfires are only allowed in an elevated campfire ring with an enclosed bottom.
• Rented campfire rings: $10.00 for the weekend rental. Don’t clean it—just leave it for us.
• A $20.00 sod-replacement fee will be charged if an elevated enclosed bottom campfire ring is not used.
• Campfire wood available for sale by the bundle.
• No firewood from across state lines due to diseased trees, per the WI DNR.
• All campfires will be subject to local weather conditions and the WI DNR’s approval.
5. No pets in the campgrounds or the spectator areas.
6. No fireworks, ATVs, open carry weapons, or assault items.
7. Any bicycles, scooters, remote control toys, etc. must stay within the campground and may not be used in a way that disrupts other campers. No bicycles may enter the event area.
8. No umbrellas or sun shelters are allowed in the viewing areas.
9. Security has the right to remove any item that they deem offensive.
10. No loud music at campsites or in the spectator areas.
11. Drive slowly through the campgrounds and keep vehicle movement to a minimum.
12. Clean your camping area and place all garbage in trash containers.
13. ID’s will be checked and underage drinking of beer/alcohol will be enforced by the Police.
14. All campgrounds will be monitored by security and police-patrolled.
15. We reserve the right to evict anyone who does not comply with the rules.
16. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
17. There are no refunds in case of inclement weather.
18. Reservations cancelled less than seven days before the event are non-refundable. Any refund for cancellations more than seven days before the event (midnight Thursday or earlier) are subject to a 15% reprocessing fee.

Contact us at: or
Or by phone: 715-463-H2OX (4269)

Vendor Policies

World Championship Snowmobile Watercross (WCSW)
2020 Policy for Exhibitors and Vendors*

1. Registration and Fees:

a. Each exhibitor/vendor will pay a registration fee to the WCSW in advance of the event.
b. Registration fee is for the assigned site only. It does NOT include other benefits such as insurance, security or admission.
c. Since this is a family event, the display or sale of certain items or materials may be deemed by the executive Director to be inappropriate. The WCSW reserves the right to prohibit the display or sale of such items or materials.
d. Registration fees may be waived in part for services rendered to the WCSW
e. Unregistered vendors will be on a space available basis, and subject to a $25.00 late fee

2. Site Assignment:
Due to changes in the number of sites, possible accommodations for the IWA sponsors, snowmobile manufacturers and the addition of new attractions and activities, the description of sites cited in the paragraph “2.a” is subject to change without notice.

a. Sites will be the parking lots of the Watercross Command Center, the grassy area, and along Olson Drive. Olson Drive sites will start at Oak Street and continue west along Olson to the entrance of McNally Campgrounds by Memory Lake, with sites designated by the Displayer Director.
b. Olson Drive sites are within the south one-half of the street. Olson Drive is an asphalt road therefore tents or canopies cannot be secured with pegs or stakes. The grass area to the south of the curb is private property and MAY NOT be used in any manner (storage, parking, camping, etc.)
c. Preference will be given based on advance registration and payment of fees. Every effort will be made to accommodate displayers to the mutual satisfaction of all concerned and to the benefit of the event as a whole.
d. Site size may vary. Sites may need to be relocated to accommodate available street space.

3. Restrictions:

a. All display materials (canopies, trailers, etc.) must fit within the assigned site space.
b. Cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles or ATV’s will NOT be allowed at the vendor site
c. Snowmobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, etc. will NOT be driven on the rounds for any purpose.
d. Only vendors sanctioned by the WCSW will be permitted to sell on the grounds.
e. Non-compliance with these policies will be grounds for expulsion without refund of any fees.
f. Vendors who wish to remain outside the grounds must make proper registration with and obtain the necessary licenses from the Village Clerk and Burnett County Clerk and abide by Village and County ordinances.
g. No Beer or Wine coolers may be carried in. All Beer and Wine Products must be purchased on site.
h. This is not a camping site. If you stay in your display trailer, you will be charged up to an additional $65.00 per night.
i. Water and soft drinks are sold exclusively by Grantsburg Watercross Association. Vendors may not sell these items at their vendor site.

We want to work with you as it is important to us and the spectators that we have a well-developed displayer area.

*Exhibitor and Vendor policy applies to displayers who contract with WCSW for the purpose of displaying at Watercross. Accommodations shall be made for IWA circuit sponsors and snowmobile manufacturers. Site assignments may vary from previous years. WCSW assumes no responsibility or liability for assignment or suitability of site. Approval of display site request by Executive Director is required prior to accepting vendor as part of WCSW. A request for a site, or the forwarding of money, does not constitute acceptance as a displayer. WCSW Executive Director is final resolution of all issues. Displayer Director has final say on site during arrival of displayer.